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We are • the • o8o8 • project • ... the left is Fabio, the musician and multi-instrumentalist, and to the right is Charly, the challenged and experimentalist.

Since we met during a festival in september 2008 we are together on a journey to explore ways to express and transport thoughts, ideas and feelings with music and related artistical means.

And despite being located more than a few kilometers apart - Fabio in Napoli, Italia, and Charly in München, 'Tedeschia' - we have managed to play several live shows, contribute to a couple of album-compilations and podcasts and to release our second • the • o8o8 • project • album in spring 2012.


Vulkano - 2010-04-04 limited edition vinyl-covered CD and digital download

wdpd - 2012-04-04 limited edition CD and digital download

Please use our contact-form to get in contact with us.

The is made and kept alive by contributions from Fabio Pesce and Charly Hotel.

The primary purpose of this website is to inform you about our ongoing • the • o8o8 • project • and to give you the possibility to enjoy, feedback and/or even support our creations.